What is the variance and payout variance in Sweet Bonanza slot

The variance and volatility of payouts in Sweet Bonanza depend on the chosen gameplay strategy and bet size. This slot falls under the category of high-volatility games, which means that payouts can be significant, but less frequent than in low-volatility games.

Variance refers to the range of payouts in a slot. In Sweet Bonanza, it can be high, meaning that payouts will significantly differ between rounds. This means that a player can win a large sum in one round and a significantly smaller sum in the next.

The volatility of payouts in Sweet Bonanza can also be high. This means that payouts in the slot will vary greatly from session to session. For example, a player may win a significant sum in one session, but the winnings will be much lower in the next session.

Despite the high variance and volatility of payouts in Sweet Bonanza, winnings can be significant if the player uses an effective gameplay strategy and manages their budget properly.